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The emergence of bio-based lunch boxes has made an important contribution to social environmental protection


Regarding environmental protection, we also strive to fulfill our responsibility. In 2009, we began to advocate the concept of environmental protection and thrift. We printed on the bottom of our box: "In order to protect the environment, please do not use it at one time. You can stay at home. Reuse the words "Today. The aim is to appeal to everyone that the bio-based lunch box should be reused, to eliminate the waste of resources from the root cause, to remind consumers to save the spirit of no waste, and to form a good cycle between us and the consumers of the terminal, reducing the discarding Environmental issues, increase the use value of a good product, reduce the waste of resources!

In recent years, the update iteration of the packaged lunch box material has solved most of the safety and relief problems, and made up for the safety hazards of the initial catering and take-out tableware, but the less perfect recycling mechanism and the consumers do not have a good classification treatment. Many people who are committed to the environmental protection of the take-away packaging boxes are busy.

Of course, the emergence of take-away is not bad. This industry has accelerated the development of the times, improved the progress of the incidental industrial chain, and also led to countless employment opportunities. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages. The packaging box industry has the title of white pollution source from the beginning. The first generation of harmful foam has been optimized into several kinds of materials, and there are countless kinds of crafts in the huge lunch box market. The starting point and original intention of many leading enterprises in the lunch box industry are pure and good intentions, with the dedication and ingenuity of the enterprise. It solves the problem of safe and reliable material, solves the problem of demanding design, meets the huge demand of the food and beverage market, and the rapid development of the food and beverage market, the lunch box industry has contributed.

Even if we try our best to create optimized snack box performance and upgrade materials, it still seems to be a drop in the bucket. On the one hand, there is an increasing market demand. On the other hand, after the lunch box is used, it is endlessly scattered, although many people have a protective environment. Enlightenment, but in the face of our huge and unimaginable take-away consumer base, everything is like entering a dead end of an infinite loop, it is difficult to get out of this pit.

On the one hand, it is an epoch-making new catering model. On the one hand, it is an unavoidable problem. Weigh the pros and cons. What we can think of is not to curb the development of the food and beverage outlet industry, but we hope to find a way to overcome environmental problems.


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