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Choose a safe, healthy bio-based lunch box to make our lives healthier


In recent years, the disposable snack boxes on the market have shifted from foam lunch boxes to bio-based lunch boxes. The original foam lunch boxes have been eliminated due to their inability to withstand high temperatures, and the production process has caused damage to the environment. Paper lunch boxes, wooden lunch boxes, degradable lunch boxes, etc. Among them, plastics have become the mainstream material for manufacturing disposable snack boxes because of their low toxicity, high melting point, strong plasticity, simple production and low relative cost. Such as PP plastic lunch box, corn starch degradable lunch box, PP polypropylene, has excellent mechanical properties and thermal properties, suitable for food packaging. PS polystyrene, hard and brittle, non-toxic, tasteless, is especially suitable for frozen food packaging such as cakes or salads.

1. Looking at the outer packaging, it is necessary to carefully check whether the packaging label has the contents marked with “product name, product execution standard, production date, shelf life, sanitation license” and other national regulations. If the label content is incomplete or irregular, then It is best not to buy such a lunch box.

2, look at the box body, good quality lunch box body color should be uniform, clear outline, the box mouth should not have obvious depressions, wrinkles. If the inner wall of the box is rough, the hand feels awkward, which means that there is solid residue on the inner wall; when it is irradiated with light, there are obvious irregular small black spots in the material of the box surface; if any, it is described as inferior product.

3, look at the mouth of the box, pay attention to the box mouth is smooth, smooth, no waste, burrs, the cup should be clean and transparent, uniform thickness, no impurities, bubbles, water lines, no fish eyes and other phenomena.

4, squeeze a squeeze, you should use a box with a good hardness of the box, try to choose a thick, stiff lunch box, when you choose a lunch box, you can gently squeeze the sides of the lunch box, you can know The hardness of the box is good or bad.

5, look at the seal. Generally, the bio-based lunch box should be sealed in a plastic packaging bag. The packaging bag should not be damaged. The tightly packed lunch box is easily polluted by the environment, and the hygiene cannot be guaranteed.

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