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Spring is here, how should the bio-based lunch box be preserved?


When storing tableware on a sunny day, pay attention to moisture, fire, flammable and explosive substances must not be placed in the warehouse, and workers should not be allowed to smoke in the warehouse. Workers at lunchbox manufacturers also need to place different types and sizes of cutlery separately to avoid confusion and handling and sales.

Regardless of the season, for busy office workers, take-out is a good choice for lunch, and bio-based lunch box manufacturers have more development opportunities. For spring storage, manufacturers have a lot of experience to share with you. Spring is a warm and gentle season, and it is mostly sunny weather, but there are also spring rains and winds. Therefore, in such a weather, bio-based lunch box manufacturers should pay attention to ensure that the tableware is clean and sealed properly. The doors and windows should be closed in time in the warehouse. The tableware should be placed away from the doors and windows as much as possible to avoid dust or moisture and affect the sanitation. . In a few days, it is the day when the catkins and poplars fly in the sky. It is more important to close the doors and windows of the warehouse to prevent the tableware from being stained with catkins.

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