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Be sure to pay attention to the "No BPA" logo when selecting a bio-based lunch box.


In 2008, Health Canada made headlines worldwide by banning the sale of polycarbonate baby bottles containing bisphenol A. Canada further announced BPA as a toxin in 2010 (the name allows the government to develop regulations on the use of chemicals).

Lunch boxes are like socks, even if you try to pay close attention to them, the lids and containers ^ will eventually appear "variation" because you don't pay attention. So far, there are many kinds of fast food boxes that are entering new markets, and those that are popular in the market are often a variety of colorful bio-based lunch boxes. When buying, you need to pay attention to all meals. Is there a mark "No BPA" on the box?

But there is growing evidence that BPA-free products are safer than their replacement hard plastics, and some studies have shown that some chemical alternatives may be more effective than BPA. ,

The “BPA-free” label means that the product does not contain bisphenol A, a synthetic compound associated with a range of health problems, from cardiovascular disease to brain dysplasia and increased risk of certain cancers; BPA is used in the plastics industry ^ One of a wide range of chemicals, from dental sealants to cash register receipts and tin can liners.

Previous:At present, the bio-based lunch box is one of the key products for the research and development of many domestic manufacturers.

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