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Bio-based lunch boxes are based on the development of the times, like moving towards international standards


Of the 14 ISO international standards that have been published or are being developed for the bio-based lunch box test method, 9 have been converted to national standards, and 5 have not been converted. In general, China's standard work on biodegradation is in sync with the international. The most important task at present is to turn some of the developed product standards into international standards.

In terms of international standardization, the technical committee has been actively involved in the revision and revision of international standards. Participated in the drafting and verification of ISO 14855-2 and ISO 19699-1 international standards respectively, and made relevant reports in many international discussion meetings of the standard. The Technical Committee also participated in the annual meeting of the International Countermeasure Standardization Technical Committee on time and participated in the working meetings of ISO/TC 61/SC 5/WG 22 and WG 23.

Shanxi Newville Environmental Protection Technology emphasizes that with the deepening of the reform of the new "Standardization Law", the field of bio-based lunch boxes and degraded products should continue to optimize the recommended standard system, and it is necessary to cultivate standards developed by the development market and develop group standards to the maximum extent. The role of bio-based materials and degraded products in ecological civilization and green development is promoted, and the construction of green product standard system in this field is promoted. The content of new materials and bio-manufacturing in China Manufacturing 2025 is deeply integrated, and standards are used to promote innovation and development. Green development is more effective in promoting the implementation of the “One Belt, One Road” action plan of Standard Unicom in this field.

Shanxi Newville Environmental Protection Technology has been established through the system standard system. Some products with their own intellectual property rights and leading in the world not only have national or industry standards, but also may become international standards to promote products to the international market. Therefore, establishing a standard system for bio-based and degradable materials and products and setting important standards is an indispensable part of China's biomass development strategy, and is of great significance to China's goal of achieving sustainable development and circular economy. The development of a social society and the development of a circular economy provide strong technical support. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a standard system that is in line with the basic rules of the market economy and international trade, can promote China's economic development, protect the interests of Chinese enterprises, enhance international competitiveness, and actively respond to the challenges of economic globalization and informationization. The TC 380 will focus on the national 13th Five-Year Plan and strategic emerging industry planning, and propose a standard plan around the implementation of the National Development and Reform Commission's bio-based materials major project.

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