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Introduction and composition of bio-based lunch boxes


Biotransformation from fermentable sugars through microbial metabolic engineering and genetic engineering research; simple and efficient downstream process technology product separation. Among them, the degradation of macromolecular polysaccharides into bioavailable reducing sugars is currently the largest technical barrier. Although the overall level of biomass technology in China is relatively low, it has unique technological advantages in terms of key technical problems related to plant biomass bio-utilization.

Biobased products mainly refer to lignocellulosic agricultural and forestry wastes such as straw other than grain. Producing environmentally friendly chemical products and green energy with it as the raw material is the only way for human beings to achieve sustainable development. Bio-based products and green energy issues have become at the forefront of the world's technology. Bio-based products mainly include biogas, fuel ethanol, biodiesel and bioplastics. In the process of biomass bio-utilization, three internationally recognized major technical problems to be solved are: overcoming the resistance of lignocellulosic molecules to biotransformation, and degrading macromolecular polysaccharides into fermentable sugars;

The above three technological breakthroughs will enable China to take the lead in producing fuel ethanol economically, reducing the production cost of polylactic acid precursor lactic acid, and making eco-plastic polylactic acid resin competitive with petroleum-based plastics.

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